The day to day of work, family, and everything in between gets busy and hectic. One day, you’re driving down the road and you realize that the check engine light is illuminated. Did it just light up, or has it been on for some time? Either way, the reason for seeing the check engine light is scary, but it doesn’t always mean something serious. It just means you need to get your diesel truck checked out and inspected to make sure everything is as it should be.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Check-Up

Your truck is important to you, and diesel trucks aren’t cheap. Don’t panic; your check engine light does not mean you have to part ways with your favorite vehicle. There are many different reasons for a check engine light to illuminate, and the system that triggers these lights on your dashboard alerts you of minor and major issues. The codes inside your truck’s system are set to go off when something isn’t right. Sometimes the system can even incorrectly trigger your check engine light on your diesel truck without anything being wrong. Don’t be afraid to take your truck in and get it looked at, the only mistake in this situation is waiting too long, and risking further damage.


Typical Diesel Truck Check Engine Issues

Aftertreatment System

One of the most common reasons for seeing the check engine light on a diesel truck is the aftertreatment system. Diesel trucks have nitrogen oxide (NOx) sensors that measure what your car is putting out into the environment. With recent regulations, laws have caused engine manufacturers to add diesel particulate filters (DPFs) to its aftertreatment standards, which help to further manage exhaust levels. This means even something as small as your diesel exhaust fluids being low could trigger your check engine light. That’s a quick fix, as are many fluid fill-ups.

Gas Cap Loose or Lost

This is a common problem that can be an easy fix. Maybe you left the cap a little loose after filling up, or accidentally rested your gas cap on the roof and drove off. if you don’t replace it, This could lead to extra trips to the gas station.

Something More Serious is Happening

A number of more high priority issues like spark plugs or airflow sensors could be triggering your diesel truck’s check engine light. In these cases, easy fixes are possible if you’ve brought your car to a professional quickly after noticing the light is on. Never hesitate to just take it in and see what’s going on with your truck.

At Callahan Automotive we are here to Help

The team at Callahan Automotive is a resource you can use to find out what exactly is triggering your check engine sensor in your diesel truck. Whether it’s something small you may need to top off or a more serious issue requiring your attention, the experts at Callahan will help find the solution and put their experience to work for you and your diesel truck.