People choose to buy vehicles with diesel engines for lots of different reasons. For one, the autos typically offer better fuel efficiency than conventional gas-powered cars. That is a huge draw with what prices at the pumps are these days. The fewer trips a person has to take to the gas station to top off their tanks, the better. Other individuals choose diesel models because of their towing capabilities. Most cars that use gas focus on horsepower. Meanwhile, diesel engines are all about torque, and they are perfect for pulling heavy loads. 

Heck, tons of folks even buy diesel vehicles for the reduced maintenance costs. Sure, the devices are internal-combustion engines, just like gasoline-powered motors. However, diesel motors do not have a spark-style ignition system like the latter. Instead, they use hot compressed air to ignite the fuel. Thus, owners usually get to keep some money in their pockets when it comes to maintenance. 

A Mechanic Shop That You Can Trust

That is not to say that diesel engines cannot break down, though, because they can. Therefore, Mesa residents need to know where to turn when something goes awry. Arizona motorists can obtain the trustworthy, dependable, and professional mechanic service that they deserve by contacting Callahan Automotive today. The team is prepared to diagnose whatever problems you may have and get them fixed up in the blink of an eye. Plus, the organization offers affordable rates, which means clients don’t have to break the bank to get their vehicles back on the road. 

Now, Let’s Move On To What Readers Came Here For, Reasons Why A Diesel Engine Might Stall

Stalling out in the middle of traffic is no fun. The event is frustrating and embarrassing as other drivers like to stare at you as they go by. They give hateful looks that leave the broke down person feeling little and small. Aside from those issues, a stalled motor can be dangerous, too, as it increases the risk of a crash occurring. Thus, it is important to keep your diesel engine’s fuel system in tip-top shape and running great. If a person’s car, truck, or SUV stalls, a fuel pump failure could be to blame. 

When such a problem exists, no diesel is able to get to the cylinders. This dilemma can lead to the motor stalling and failing to crank. Additionally, if a fuel line develops a leak, air will get sucked into the system through the crack, pinhole, or loose connection. That air is another common reason for stalling. Whatever your issues might be, don’t hesitate to give us a call.