If you own a DuraMAX you are like us and love that whistling sound that only Diesel engines make. We wanted to share some information that will better the lifetime of your DuraMAX. Be sure you know what you are getting when you decide on the model and year. These are going to play important factors to when your DuraMAX needs to be serviced what items will need to be serviced.

Check the Owners Manuel

Once you check the owner’s manual to see when your recommended service intervals are and stick to a strict schedule, especially if you are letting your vehicle idle for access periods of time, traveling off-roading or mudding, towing or hauling a trailer, driving in extreme temperatures or turning your truck on and off frequently as well.

Like most vehicles, the manufactures recommend having your vehicle taken in. Every 90 days or every 3,000 miles you should have your oil changed, lubricate chassis, check fluid levels, tire pressure, belts and hoses.

Full Diagnostic Check

Once a year or every 10,000 miles you should do a full diagnostic check, change your fuel filter, do all of the maintenance items of the 3,000-mile checkup, and inspect your cooling system to ensure that there are no leaks in your hoses.

From then on, every 10,000 miles is recommended to have your vehicle taken in to be serviced. Once again, be sure to check your make, model, and the year of your vehicle because certain maintenance items will need to be changed out between those maintenance times. So, it is good to be aware of what your engine needs to ensure that your engine will be working at the optimal levels.

Callahan Automotive

Diesel trucks can last a really long time if they are maintained properly, they are rough tough and heavy, duty engines that are hard work horses, they will work for you so long as you take care of them. If you have any questions that need answering about your DuraMAX give us a call at Callahan Automotive, we are here to help with any of your vehicle maintenance and safety needs.