It can get pretty hot during the summertime in Arizona, to say the very least. Summer months in the Grand Canyon State regularly reach the triple digits. Heck, the annual average temperature here is 71 degrees Fahrenheit. As such, people need their car air conditioners to remain functional and cooling year-round. Persons who fail to keep their AC system up to snuff may discover that driving their cars feels more like a chore. 

Problems Associated With Having To Drive A Vehicle With No Air Conditioning

Why? Well, it is never fun getting into a vehicle that has been closed up for the majority of a day. When the air conditioner is working correctly, the operator can make the cab comfortable and cozy in a matter of no time. However, whenever the AC is broken, the individual has to rely on rolling down the windows to get air flowing through the car. Of course, that doesn’t do much good when you are stuck in traffic without any wind blowing, though. 

Drivers can forget about getting to a business meeting, lunch date, or anywhere else without their clothes getting soaked in sweat. That is typically not the first impression that anyone wants to make. Luckily, Mesa citizens don’t have to deal with situations like these. Instead, they can contact Callahan Automotive to schedule an inspection of their AC systems before full-blown summertime temps arrive. 

What Might Be Found During An Inspection?

Our technicians will visually inspect the lines that carry the coolant throughout the closed-loop system. They will also look at their connections to ensure they are in good shape. We have the necessary equipment to remove the refrigerant from the system, measure it, and determine if the coolant level is low. The professionals check plug-ins, relays, and other components too. Then, once they have determined the AC system’s status, they will report back to the client. 

If problems exist, the mechanic will go over all of the customer’s options with them. Then, he or she is able to make an informed decision about how they want to move forward. Don’t let the heat inside your car wreak havoc on you this summer. Rather, contact our office and be sure your air conditioning system is good to go.