When you are at the auto shop or the auto parts store, deciding what brand of oil to use, how do you know which one to choose? You will want to choose the best motor oil for your vehicle you naturally opt for synthetic oil, so what makes Amsoil synthetic oil so good? As there are so many brands in the market today you tend to wonder which the best for your vehicle. One of the most popular choices today is Amsoil synthetic motor oil, and if you want to know what makes it so good.

About AMSOIL oils

Amsoil has been making top-notch oils since 1972 and is considered to be a leader in the industry and they keep striving at setting higher engineering benchmarks in their oils. The company has never lowered their formulas in a bid to cut costs but instead, manufacture oils with their own patented base stock oil technology to make it the best in the industry. Their products drastically outperform various conventional motor oils by effectively reducing friction and heat to give your vehicle or equipment maximum power for maximum performance and fuel efficiency.

While synthetic motor oils naturally have better molecular uniformity that protects and lubricates engines much better than conventional blends, even in cold temperatures. Amsoil oil, in fact, exceeds global performance standards and meets the warranty requirements of both domestic and imported motor vehicle engines. 

AMSOIL’s molecular engineering is also a plus point as it’s not refined but synthesized oil. Refining does not remove the oil’s impurities’ and has limited lubrication and performance qualities. Besides, Amsoil oils are made using the best additives. AMSOIL’s oils offer the following advantages:

Heat reduction

They are helpful at reducing temperatures because of the oil’s natural resistance to high-temperature unpredictability. In other words, the oil does not evaporate at modest to high temperatures. This is the oil’s advantage over other blends that tend to vaporize to give heavier and thicker oils. Thicker oils lead to poor circulation, low fuel economy, and increased oil consumption.

This doesn’t happen to Amsoil products. Quite the opposite, these oils efficiently protect all your engine’s moving parts from possible wear and strain inflicted in high temperatures and high-stress conditions through minimal oil consumption, emissions and wear and tear. It cools down the lubricated systems so that they perform better for a longer time.

Longer Times Between Oil Changes

AMSOIL oil is designed to last longer in your engine so you don’t have to do oil changes as often and still keep your engine protected. The extended intervals, in turn, reduce oil costs, wastage, environmental damage and of course, downtime. This especially proves to be a huge benefit to truckers because of reduced downtime, oil costs, and engine protection.

AMSOIL products were the first oil to introduce this concept to the market in 1975 and have since then introduced quite a few long-drain synthetic diesel oils. Their recommended drain interval is after 25,000 miles or once a year.

There are a lot of options when you are choosing the oil that is right for you and if you are wanting a quality product and don’t know which one to choose, the staff at Callahan Automotive recommend AMSOIL products. If you have any other questions to find what product will best suit you needs, give us a call today!