A vehicle’s performance is often attributed to a few key parts. Of course, your engine is going to need to be in top condition for a great ride. Then, many talk about the wheels or transmission, as well as things like intake systems and exhaust manifolds and the like. A key element some overlook is the air suspension system of a vehicle. If you’re experiencing a less stable ride lately, then you might want to have your air suspension inspected. What does air suspension trouble do to your car? Let’s talk about signs of trouble and what causes air suspension systems to break.

Signs of Air Suspension Trouble

The key to an air suspension system is its ability to lift your car up and keep it safely distanced from the road. As the air suspension system begins to give out and break, you can start to notice your car sags more than normal. Unless the issue is especially problematic, you won’t have your vehicle dragging on the road. That being said, other aspects of your car can start to show signs of trouble.

An area you often see air suspension breaking symptoms is in the struts and airbags. When the system starts to go, these areas are some of the first to start to break down. Another problem area is going to be in air dryer, which helps fight corrosion and rust in many parts of your vehicle. There are a lot of areas in which you could do more damage waiting to see what happens with your car. Keeping an eye on these early signs of an air suspension break and trouble can help avoid larger issues.

How to Spot a Broken Air Suspension?

If these problem areas are showing signs of trouble in your vehicle, it’s smart to get it looked at. One area of your air suspension system starting to break can lead to a total failure. In order to best address the issue, you’ll want to take your car into an expert team who knows how to diagnose and fix these sorts of issues. Luckily, our team is ready to help you and your vehicle as soon as possible.

If you’re in need of air suspension servicing, come see the team at Callahan Automotive. The expert mechanics on staff know how to spot even the slightest issues with your air suspension system. Whether it’s a tiny fix or a total replacement, we’ll always walk you through what’s happening with your vehicle. Questions and concerns are always welcome, and we’re here to make sure you get back on the road quickly and safely. Call today, or stop by our shop with your vehicle!