Do you know some simple signs that your thermostat is going bad? This is a tiny piece in your engine, though small, is vital to how your engine is going work. If your engine is running too hot or even too cold – this can cause serious damages to your engine’s overall health and performance. So, your thermostat is vital to your engine!

What causes my thermostat to fail?

There are a few reasons why your thermostat is on the fritz, so we are going to give you a few indicators that the issue is with the thermostat and not another component of the car.

Spikes in Temperature Changes:

When your car’s temperature seems to spike suddenly and doesn’t adjust itself, you will notice lower performance and your engine overheating. This is when you will want to check the coolant levels first then the thermostat. If your engine’s temperature cannot be regulated, then the primary cause is going to be your thermostat. Thankfully, as far as car engine maintenance is concerned, this fix is often easy to replace and generally inexpensive, depending upon any other damages the engine may have sustained.

Leaking Coolant:

If you have coolant leaking out of your engine anywhere then this can cause your thermostat to be giving an inaccurate reading. Because your thermostat is reading that the engine is either too hot or too cold the coolant being pushed through the system causing the engine to overheat and could “bust a leak”. This isn’t the most accurate way to tell if you have a thermostat issue – there are a number of reasons why your coolant is leaking but the thermostat and the housing case is a good place to start if you see you have a leak of your coolant.

These are a few signs that your thermostat is going bad or is already expired. A overheating vehicle is definitely a serious concern so be sure not to delay in getting this fixed.

If you have any more questions or concerns about the thermostat or the housing case in your engine, give us a call at Callahan Automotive, we are happy to answer any questions that you may have about your thermostat.