A vehicle’s alternator isn’t really all that complex. However, the device plays a vital role when it comes to powering the gas-powered engine and electrical components. It creates an electric current as it’s wires cut through a magnetic field. Then, the charge is sent to things like the car’s headlights, interior lamps, radio, and more. Not to mention, an alternator keeps the battery fully charged when it is working correctly.

In other words, a functioning unit ensures that the battery has the starting power to turn over and crank the engine. Who doesn’t want that? If this crucial piece starts acting up, it can be enough to drive a car owner mad. 

Luckily, persons who reside in Mesa, Arizona, have a reliable place to turn to have their alternators tested, repaired, or replaced, Callahan Automotive. Hence, residents shouldn’t hesitate to give our office a call to schedule an appointment if they suspect alternator failure could be right around the corner. Now, let’s move on to some signs that may begin to present themselves.

The Check Engine Light Illuminates

A car’s check engine light can illuminate for lots of different reasons, including alternator problems. The vehicle’s computer sends out a signal and throws a code when an issue occurs. An OBD scan tool will need to be connected to a plug-in, usually located beneath the dash, to read the code. There is no need to purchase one of these expensive scanners, though. Callahan Automotive has persons covered. Just keep in mind that an illuminated check engine light could indicate an alternator’s failure. 

Headlights That Dim Or Flicker

When an alternator is no longer pushing out the appropriate voltage, it is not uncommon for the car’s owner to notice dimmed or flickering headlights. The issue may present itself while nothing else is going on. Then again, it might happen when another source pulls power, such as the windshield wipers. In either case, the alternator will likely need to be serviced soon. 

Engine Stalls Due To Lack Of Power

The alternator sends electricity to an engine’s spark plugs. In turn, the plugs ignite gasoline, and everything runs smoothly. However, if the alternator is failing, it sometimes doesn’t send out enough juice to the spark plugs. Hence, the motor may stall out from time to time, which is another sign that tells the car owner to visit a mechanic promptly.