Have you heard about tuning your diesel? How tuning your vehicle will help in overall performance, contribute to mileage, response, smoke output, power, torque, EGT’s, and engine durability. Well, this is correct.

However, some questions to ask yourself before you start digging into your engine and connecting wires. How much experience do you have with tuning an engine? Do you have the proper equipment and programing for your engine? Do you understand how your program operates? These are all very important questions – if you have answered no to any of these, we suggest bringing your diesel into us at Callahan Automotive to have your engine tuned.

If you have answered ‘yes’ to all these questions, then we would suggest that if you are going to tune your engine the right way to take your time. Many people think that tuning your diesel engine is a easy and fairly speedy process but we have seen that “timing is everything”. And since there is no magical timing value or percentage that can be used every time you tune your vehicle it is good to take your time with finding the proper value for the timing. It is important to keep in mind the load of the engine, the speed of the engine, and the amount of fuel being injected when making changes. Fuel takes time to be injected and burn. The faster the engine spins, increased timing will be required for the combustion event to take place at an efficient point in the pistons cycle.

Data logging any changes made is very important to ensure that what you are calculating is actually happening, and what is happening is going to be beneficial. Make one change at a time, log the changes, and then make any necessary adjustments, and repeat. Sometimes finding what doesn’t work can be just as important as learning what does work. So, keep notes that you can use as a reference so that you don’t have to relearn what you have already tested. Before too long you should have a tune that works well for you and your truck.

Tuning your diesel truck, unless you already are experienced in doing so, can be a huge undertaking. You may have question, you may have a lot of questions, that’s okay! If you want to do it, you want to do it right. Our technicians at Callahan Automotive can help you with every step along the way of your tuning process.