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Keeping up Servicing for Fleet Vehicles

Most businesses utilize a fleet of vehicles to help things run smoothly. These vehicles offer a team of workers and specialists a way to get to clients and assist in the daily tasks that come with many service based companies. Keeping these cars running is essential to keeping a business running, which is why regular servicing is crucial. Of course, the basics like oil changes, tire changes and rotations, and brake repairs are part of any vehicle’s upkeep. For a fleet of vehicles, a few others become necessary as well. Making sure to stay on top of fleet vehicle servicing can be the difference between a successful business and one barely keeping up with the daily wear and tear of business.

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Callahan Auto & Diesel Fleet Vehicle Services

Our team offers servicing for fleet vehicles to make the process and upkeep as simple as possible.

Knowledge Matters

Not only does the Callahan Auto & Diesel team know cars, they know the needs of fleet vehicles. Cars, SUVs, trucks, and vans all have their needs, but when used on a daily basis for extended trips, as well as often carrying heavy, cumbersome equipment, they respond and age differently. That’s why the ins and outs of each type of fleet vehicle can be so much more complicated. Luckily, Callahan auto technicians know the impact fleet work can have on a vehicle, and can diagnose issues ahead of time so maintenance can take place of timely repairs. This saves money and time for you and your business.

Local and Certified

Something many look for in an auto maintenance shop is a team they can trust. Callahan Auto & Diesel, like your business, is local to the area, and invested in keeping everyone safe on the road. Likewise, their expertise and knowledge has come in part thanks to the dedicated customers of the greater Mesa area. They’re also certified to perform a variety of repairs and services pertinent to the well being of fleet vehicles.

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    Don’t wait: fleet vehicles require servicing that only the most well equipped auto care professionals can offer. That expertise is what makes Callahan Auto & Diesel so successful. Callahan Auto & Diesel is also approved through CB Charge – Which Gives You Net 30 Terms. Get the job done right with vehicles you can rely on thanks to fleet vehicle servicing at Callahan Auto & Diesel Mesa.

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