Radiators are essential car parts as they prevent engines from overheating. Coolant goes inside the unit where it passes through metal fins. Those blades help heat escape from the motor, thereby allowing it to run at the appropriate temperature. A person’s radiator is not an item that they keep at the forefront of their mind; that is until something goes wrong. Meanwhile, when an issue occurs, that is the only thing an individual can think about. Why?

Well, for one, if the motor overheated in traffic or somewhere else, the driver will become stranded on the side of the road, waiting for the engine to cool down. Then again, when the problem occurs intermittently, motorists are left wondering when they might start to see the needle on the temperature gauge rise again. Sometimes, mechanics can repair radiators, like when a few pinhole leaks develop. On other occasions, the units are not salvageable and must be replaced. 

Callahan Automotive Is Here To Help

Regardless of whether Mesa and surrounding area residents need radiator repairs or replacement services, Callahan Automotive has them covered. Our mechanics will be more than happy to take a look under their hoods and see what is going on. They will utilize their experience and knowledge to determine the best course of action to take. In other words, the professionals are trustworthy, and they aren’t going to sell clients something that they don’t need, like a new radiator, if they don’t need one.

The Radiator Could Only Require Flushing

Over time, it is not uncommon for radiators to become full of debris and corrosion that won’t allow coolant to flow adequately. When the liquid cannot move throughout the system, overheating occurs, but that doesn’t necessarily warrant radiator replacement. A mechanic may be able to flush the radiator and clean all of the gunk out of it so that the coolant can travel as it is supposed to. Then again, a car’s engine may overheat for an entirely different reason aside from the radiator, such as a busted fan shroud, leaking water pump, or dripping heater core. Don’t hesitate to bring your car by the shop, and we will get to the bottom of the problem promptly.