Being able to stop is a crucial part of driving. When you push on the brake pedal with your foot, the car is designed to slow down and come to a complete stop if necessary. Rotors, pads, calipers, master cylinders, and all work together cohesively to accomplish the feat. However, when one of those parts breaks or malfunctions, instead of being able to safely navigating through traffic, you could find yourself quickly getting into a wreck because you weren’t able to stop. 

Age also plays a role in determining how well a car’s brakes function. If the pads have deteriorated to the point where a loud squealing sound emits every time the brake pedal is pushed, a collision could be in the motorist’s future. The event might be a head-on, rear-end, or T-bone crash, none of which are sought-after outcomes. Why? Well, because accidents are not kind and forgiving. Instead, they leave participants with significant injuries like broken bones, lacerations, and burns. Not to mention, such accidents often result in loss of life too. 

What Do I Do When Brakes Make A High-Pitched Screech

When you start putting pressure on your pedal and you hear that awful high pitch screeching noise, we can help with that! Our trained technicians at Callahan Automotive, have the tools, technology, and experience to get your car stopping on a dime again in no time. Avoid letting the sound linger on and on if you can keep from it. The low-pad indicators can eventually wear grooves into the rotors, which will only make for costlier repairs. So, let us fix the problem now, and before headaches arise later. 

What If The Car’s Brake Pedal Feels Funny?

Brake fluid is supposed to travel through the brake system without any air being in the lines. However, often, when a leak develops, the air can penetrate the system. Then, it is not uncommon for the brake pedal to feel squishy or spongy. In other words, the individual has to press the pedal harder than what he or she usually would have to do to stop safely. Our team is prepared to diagnose these issues and return your brake system to its former glory.

If you have a question about when to have your brakes serviced or to get an estimate on your vehicle, give us a call at Callahan Automotive. We can schedule your brake appointment with ease!