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How To Help Your Diesel Truck Make It to 200K Miles

Diesel Trucks are the backbone of America’s transportation. It helps transport goods and from one location to another. It is also be used to carry equipment, material and haul a trailer. Diesel trucks are designed to last much longer and can handle more abuse than your conventional gas powered engine. However, like the most engine, diesel trucks still requires maintenance. With proper diesel repair and maintenance, diesel trucks can easily make it over 200,000 miles.

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Let’s start with the following procedure:

  • Regular Maintenance: Maintenance is the key to making a truck last longer. In fact, servicing your truck ahead of schedule will help prevent costly disaster. For example: On a diesel truck, it is important to change your diesel truck oil every 7,500 miles and oil filter should be replaced as well. Proper oil should be used according to mileage on the truck and engine size.
  • Don’t idle engine too long: Diesel engine is designed to work. When a diesel truck idles too long the engine cylinder starts to glaze and excessive blow by can start to dilute the oil. Idling too long also causes undue wear on the connecting rod and main rod bearings. Moreover, never rev your engine to redline with no load.
  • Preventive Care: Always warm up diesel engine for at least one minute. The reason is that when the engine is off, the oil sinks to the bottom of the oil pan. The top end of the engine is not lubricated. When you start your engine; the oil pump helps the oil circulate from the bottom end to the top end of the engine. Also, warming up the diesel allows piston rings to properly expand. In addition to preventive care, always check your engine oil level every 3,000 miles and fluids every 1,000 miles. Furthermore, use good quality diesel fuel and avoid biodiesel fuel. Moreover, do not let the fuel drop below 15% in the fuel tank. Letting the fuel drop below 15% will allow the fuel pump to pick up sediments from the bottom of the fuel tank and eventually the sediment will end up in your engine which will shorten your engine lifespan.
  • Gear Oil: Gear oil is one of the most neglected maintenance by truck owners. Always change your gear oil every 25,000 miles for heavy-duty towing or material hauling and every 45,000 miles regular driving.
  • Coolant: Coolant is an important part of the cooling system. It helps decrease diesel engine heat by removing it in a mean of dissipation. Changing your coolant often will help prevent rust from a buildup in the engine cooling jacket.  It is recommended to replace coolant every 2 years or 25,000 miles whichever comes first.

Maintenance is the key to prolonging an engine life regardless of engine design, size, and manufacturer. Remember to check all potential oil leaks, fluid leaks, abnormal noises, and performance. Contact us to get your diesel truck checked out as soon as possible.