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Changing your Oil with AMSOIL: Smart Care for the Future

Oil changes are the number one service people handle improperly. Not only is it overlooked and often enforced behind schedule, but few car owners know the importance of good oil. Synthetic oil is a popular product, but many overlook it because conventional oil can be slightly cheaper. Given the protection and capabilities of using synthetic oil, it costs more to bypass it for a temporarily cheaper option. Synthetic oil users know that when it comes to taking care of a car for the future, AMSOIL synthetic oil is the smartest move to make.

What Makes AMSOIL Synthetic Oil Effective?

Oil keeps an engine running at top performance. Conventional oil gets the job done, but AMSOIL answers a lot of the issues that come up with non-synthetic oils.

Always Temperature Controlled

A major downfall of conventional oil is poor performance in freezing temperatures. AMSOIL synthetic oil works to push through the frigid drop an engine experiences in the winter to keep things protected and lubricated. Plus, the threat of freezing is impossible thanks to the molecular makeup of the synthetic blend. AMSOIL also thrives when engines get too hot. When an engine is stressed to the point of evaporating oil, AMSOIL ensures that nothing disappears. Damage to the engine can be incredibly expensive, so skipping the two or three dollars savings with conventional is a much smarter move than spending hundreds later.

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Efficient Drain Intervals

Most oils last around less than 3,000 miles as lubricants for the engine because drain intervals wear the oil out faster than intended. Conventional oil has no natural protection against inefficient drain intervals. AMSOIL, on the other hand, extends the drain interval to an industry leading 25,000 miles. This helps to wear less on the engine, as well as avoid oil from failing the engine as a lubricant.

Better Mileage for the Tank and Engine

Not only does AMSOIL help the engine run efficiently from a safety perspective, but gas mileage improves as well. AMSOIL synthetic oil ensures the engine can run at its peak performance, causing no extra need for increased gasoline use. This means less money spent at the pump, and a more efficient engine. Altogether, your vehicle’s engine lasts longer thanks to the efficiency AMSOIL provides.

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